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    42-year-old brings in greater than $1 million/yr from newsletter, podcast—his best advice

    Lenny Rachitsky has began some successful ventures in his life.

    The 42-year-old founded his newsletter, Lenny’s Newsletter, about product management in 2019. It now boasts greater than 570,000 subscribers and brings in greater than $500,000 per yr. He writes one post per week and works on each for 10 to twenty hours.

    In 2022, Rachitsky began Lenny’s Podcast. He releases two episodes per week and interviews leaders within the project management space to get concrete, actionable advice about their work. He’s hired a producer to assist with components like audio engineering and puts in only 4 to 5 hours per week on it altogether.

    Lenny’s Podcast now brings in greater than $500,000 per yr as well.  

    For anyone keen to seek out success with their very own personal ventures, especially in the event that they’re based on helping people grow and develop in a given field, Rachitsky has one piece of recommendation: Gain some experience in that field first.

    “A number of people start tweeting all this recommendation before they’ve actually done anything and have any advice to share,” he says. Without that have and deep know-how on the topic, your advice could find yourself superficial at best and flawed and even harmful at worst.

    “No one needs that,” he says.

    Rachitsky worked in product management and software engineering for greater than a decade before he began writing about it. He accrued years of data and commenced his newsletter with dozens of ideas about how you can help people. It tackles problems like planning projects, meetings, organizational design and so forth.

    You’ve got to “do the work for a very long time first” before you’ll be able to start giving advice about it, he says, “at the very least five years of doing the job, ideally 10 years, ideally longer to truly construct real experience and have something latest to contribute.”

    “My advice is just stop tweeting and do the work.”



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