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    People on this tiny island in Italy live to 100—here’s exactly what they eat to live so long

    Sardinia, Italy is considered one of the world’s five “Blue Zones” — or places around the globe where an unusually large number of individuals live to 100 or longer.

    For these vibrant Sardinian senior residents, what they eat plays a crucial role in longevity. But you needn’t live in Italy to get these culinary health advantages.

    Here’s methods to eat like a Sardinian for an extended life:

    1. Use Sardinian-inspired ingredients

    Meat is used sparingly, and far of the food in Sardinia is locally grown, and usually freed from pesticides, hormones, dyes or sugars.

    Here’s exactly what you will find on a typical Sardinian menu:

    • Vegetables, greens, salads and bean soups with fennel, fava beans, chickpeas and tomatoes.
    • Goat and sheep’s milk products, which have anti-inflammatory properties and have been found to lower bad cholesterol.
    • Sardinian red wine from the mountaintop regions, which has higher levels of polyphenols than most other wines. Polyphenols are antioxidants that might help protect against ailments like diabetes and heart disease.
    • Their signature flatbread (“carta di musica”), fabricated from high-protein, low-gluten triticum whole grain, which is the major ingredient in Italian pasta.
    • Milk thistle tea, thought to wash the liver, is enjoyed day by day.

    2. Grow a few of your individual food

    Sardinians prefer to forage for wild asparagus, wild greens, berries and mushrooms. Don’t do that yourself without the correct training, otherwise you can run the danger of eating something poisonous.

    Should you haven’t got a garden, try allotting a small plot of land for growing the Italian basics: lettuce, tomatoes, basil, parsley and squash. You may as well grow this stuff in pots if you happen to haven’t got a garden space.

    There’s nothing like the colourful flavors of food that’s eaten shortly after being harvested.

    3. Eat out less

    Sardinians like to cook. Take the time to benefit from the sounds of chopping onions, mincing garlic, and crushing fresh tomatoes for a delicious Sunday sauce.

    You may step by step ease into the habit of cooking at home. Should you work full-time, take weekends to do some batch-cooking or meal prep to last two or three days in the course of the week.

    As an alternative of taking a look at cooking as a chore, loosen up and embrace the method. Invite your loved ones to assist with cleanup and preparation, or have a friend over to share the fun over a glass of Sardinian wine.

    4. Move more

    Sardinians stay lively all day long, especially of their culinary pursuits. They have a tendency to their sheep, milk their goats, forage for wild greens, cook, clean and garden.

    When you more than likely won’t be herding sheep or trying to find mushrooms, you’ll be able to still find ways to remain lively throughout your day.

    Should you sit in front of the pc all day, set the timer in your phone or smartwatch in 30 to 45 minute intervals so you will remember to stand up and stretch, or take a walk in your lunch hour.

    Once you incorporate more movement into your routine, it may help uplift your spirits.

    Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner is the creator of “45 Ways to Live Like an Italian: Italian-Inspired Self-Care Traditions for On a regular basis Happiness.” She holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a citizen of each Italy and the U.S. She is an everyday contributor to bilingual (English/Italian) publications and has served because the stress-reduction interventionist for a big cardiac study at Yale. She lives in Recent Haven, Connecticut.

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