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    Harvard-trained etiquette expert: This query is a ‘seamless’ option to exit an uncomfortable conversation

    The top of the 12 months brings with it a seemingly limitless parade of holiday parties. While some gatherings might be perfectly nice, many are riddled with uncomfortable situations.

    One particularly tricky scenario you may encounter is being cornered right into a conversation you don’t need to be having: distant relatives chiming in on world politics, a co-worker asking far too many personal questions, an ex wanting to reconnect.

    Harvard-trained etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho prides herself on handling stressors like these with ease. Ho is the founding father of the ending school Institute Sarita, host of the Netflix show “Mind Your Manners,” and writer of an upcoming book, also called “Mind Your Manners.”

    Here’s how Ho would exit a conversation with grace.

    ‘Have you ever met my friend?’

    “The easiest way [to get out of a conversation with someone ] is to introduce them to any person else,” Ho says. “It is so seamless they will not even notice.”

    She offers up the next script:

    Then, make your exit.

    You can even ditch an uncomfortable conversation by saying you should refill your drink or are going to make use of the restroom. Either way, it is advisable to introduce your talkative friend to another person first, as to avoid any possibility of them following you to the bar or, god forbid, the lavatory.

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