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    HMRC owes tax rebates to thousands and thousands – here’s methods to get yours

    You might must log in to your personal tax account, otherwise you may additionally give you the chance to say via HMRC’s mobile app. 

    Ms Register added: “In some cases, you possibly can claim the refund online – for instance, claiming some allowable expenses against your employment income. In others, akin to if you might have received a redundancy payment, you’ll must call HMRC to elucidate why you think that you’re due a refund.”

    Where you ought to claim relief for pension contributions, charitable donations, or on tax-efficient investments for 2022-23, you will have to put in writing to HMRC or complete a self-assessment tax return. In the event you are self-employed, you possibly can claim a tax refund from HMRC through your self-assessment tax return, and even detail which account you wish your refund to be credited to.

    The following self-assessment deadline is January 31, 2024.

    How long does an HMRC refund take? 

    While refunds might be issued in as little as five working days, in some cases you’ll must wait as much as eight weeks.

    Ms Register said: “For instance, when you applied on paper – or if any security checks should be made by HMRC – the timing will depend upon HMRC’s workload.”

    Also note that if HMRC finally ends up posting you a cheque for the quantity you might have overpaid, this might take two weeks to reach, and perhaps more. 

    In the event you’ve already made a refund request, you should use this tool to see if you might expect a reply.

    Can I backdate tax refund claims?

    Note that tax refund claims might be made in arrears of as much as 4 years. This implies you can potentially claim a giant tax rebate on areas you’ve missed. 

    Equally, if a claim isn’t made throughout the deadline, you’ll lose out on any refund which may be due, and the tax 12 months will grow to be “closed” to claims.

    How much might you get? 

    The scale of your tax rebate will depend upon aspects akin to why and the way you’ve overpaid tax, and your income bracket.

    For instance, when you’re claiming a uniform rebate, which covers outgoings for maintaining a piece uniform, there may be a flat-price £60 allowance you may be eligible for.

    In response to MoneySavingExpert.com, when you claim a uniform tax refund, you’ll get back the quantity of tax you’d have paid on this amount. This amounts to £12 as a basic-rate taxpayer (20pc of £60), and £24 as a higher-rate taxpayer. 

    What in regards to the council tax rebate?

    This works a bit of in a different way to “normal” tax rebates, because it is a value of living payment issued by the Government to assist households deal with rising prices. 

    It’s a £150 payment given to those that live in homes between bands A and D. 

    Councils began handing out the cash in April 2022, but some households have yet to say. 

    Generally, the cash was paid directly into the bank accounts of council tax bill payers. 

    To search out out more, contact your local council. 

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